The Chippendale school’s professional course teaches our students everything they’ll ever need to work as fine furniture designers and makers.

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t also make miniature motorbikes.

That’s just what Matthew Hayward has done, making not one but two small motorbikes for the children of friends.

He’s also now planning to build a third as a surprise for his daughter’s imminent third birthday.

Matthew came to us having lived in London, Somerset and the Scottish Highlands.

He has a degree in computer sciences from the University of Edinburgh, although his previous career was in hospitality.

He’s worked at prestigious locations such as at Skibo Castle in Sutherland and Claridge’s in London, as well as for high-end individuals.

Matthew has always had an interest in woodworking, and previously completed an antique furniture restoration course in London, something that we also teach at the school.

On his course with us, his outstanding piece was a monumental drinks cabinet, which he called “Vice.”

Matthew Hayward drinks cabinet Chippendale school

Not only was it for bottles and glasses, it also had a humidor and a poker set.

It was a cabinet designed to pack a unique statement of wealth and bespoke individuality, a market that Matthew understands.

Made from grey eucalyptus with white gold gilding, its playing card motifs were beautifully executed in crystal calcite and epoxy resin.

The interior was lined with the finest Italian leather, and it had two actuators to power the opening mechanism.

Matthew is staying on in incubation space here at the school where he’s setting up his business, Stag and Rowan.

Note: A couple of places are available for our professional course that starts next month.  If you’d like to join us, contact us today!