It was once a functional hut from which shepherds could keep an eye on their flocks.

But the shepherd’s hut is now firmly back in fashion.

Eion Gibbs, who runs Belladrum Woodworking, has completed one for a client in Southampton.

He’s only just graduated and the hut was his first commission.

It was a surprise 50th birthday present for his client’s wife.

Nowadays, shepherd’s huts are being used for everything from reading nooks to spare bedrooms.

Eion Gibbs shepherd's hut interior

Former prime minister David Cameron commissioned his to be a writing room.

Others are using theirs as garden sheds, fitness rooms or, simply, as a place to chill out.


A shepherd’s hut is a perfect way to create another room within easy reach, at the end of your garden.

Because they generally don’t need planning permission, they are both affordable and practical.

With a bed and wood-burning stove, Eion’s hut offers a place of quiet contemplation.  Also for Eion’s dog, Malek, pictured above.

And because they can be put to a number of uses, a shepherd’s hut is a place for all the family.

David Cameron said that “my children want to use it as a Wendy house, I want to use it as a book-writing room and my son also wants it as an alternative bedroom. So, quite a lot of competition.”

The school has a shepherd’s hut on our campus.

Eion Gibbs Chippendale furniture school

Last year it was used as a summer bedroom for one of our students who loved the idea of sleeping outside.

This year it was used as a physiotherapy treatment room.

Eion’s claim to Chippendale fame is that he was the first student to enrol on our one-month intermediate course last year.

At the time he was recuperating from pneumonia, having been filming with the charitable Kilimanjaro Project and Trees 4 Kilimanjaro.  They’re highlighting the enormous environmental damage that is being done in the region.

His Douglas Fir hut has tongue-and-groove pine interior walls, Douglas Fir floor, six windows and double doors.

It is functional, monumental and a thing of beauty, and we’re sure that Eion’s hut has been a most welcome surprise!