The majority of professional course students during this gilding segment of the course choose to put their newly-acquired skills to finish their mirrors.

Campbell Paterson from Grantown on Spey in the Scottish Highlands is no exception, and is completing a stunning mirror in white and yellow gold, and framed in fumed oak.

Campbell spent ten years working offshore in the oil and gas sector, and a further three years in landscape gardening and tree surgery.

His mirror is gilded with 12 carat white gold and 24 carat yellow gold, with crafty brush strokes and cotton dabs to give it an antique look.

The frame, in fumed oak, is also gilded with copper and gold – the copper giving that aged look to match the mirror itself.

Campbell’s long-term goal is to return to the Highlands and set up his own woodworking business although, short-term, he may stay on in incubation space at the school or find employment in Edinburgh.

Both pieces of his mirror will come together this week and we’ll bring you a picture of the finished piece.