This week our professional course students have been mastering the intricacies of gilding.

One student who has done just that is Gordon Young from Edinburgh.

He’s completing a parquetry chess board framed in oak.

Making a chess board is a required part of the course, and is overseen by the internationally-recognised Scott Grove.

Scott, from the USA, is a larger-than-life figure in both the arts and furniture-making worlds and each year comes to the school to teach veneering.

Gordon, who has a Masters degree in civil engineering from Heriot-Watt University, has gilded his chess board frame with copper.

The copper was then treated with alcohol to create an aged effect, then sprayed with copper nitrate to turn verdigris.

That describes the resulting green pigment, and was originally obtained by hanging copper plates over hot vinegar in a sealed pot.

Gordon is setting up Twin Tree Design, and intends to pursue a career in general bespoke fine furniture.

He’ll initially set up in business in our on-campus incubation space.

This allows our professional course graduates to immediately get started in their new careers while having access to the school’s equipment, machinery and tutor support.