Ali Wilson Designs a Fish Shaped Cabinet at the Chippendale School.

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Alison Wilson started her career in architecture then became a construction consultant. She has designed her own house in Dunlop in Ayrshire.

Ali was going to commission a dining room table when she bumped into Alasdair Easton, a Chippendale School graduate who now runs Organic Geometry from the largest Chippendale Incubation workshop. Alison was very interested to hear that Ali (as he’s confusingly also known!) had learnt his professional woodworking skills at the Chippendale School of Furniture.

Chalet was cut into the mountainside

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This blog is written by Ewan Ogilvie, a recent graduate from the Chippendale International School of Furniture. I was delighted to receive an invitation from the school principal, Anselm Fraser, to join a small party heading out to Switzerland to help restore an abandoned log chalet. On arrival at 1100m… read more >>

U3A visitors at Chippendale School of Furniture

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We were delighted that our visitors from the U3A (University of the Third Age) went ahead with their visit to the Chippendale School of Furniture last Saturday despite the Arctic conditions. U3A are self-help, self-managed lifelong learning co-operatives for older people, providing opportunities for members to share learning experiences in… read more >>

Sandy's boat before it moved north.

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A blog on progress since graduating by Sandy Boyd, winner of the Design Award on the 2011 -12 professional cabinet making course at the Chippendale International School of Furniture.

“Just buy the place – you really can’t lose at that price”. That was Anselm’s advice to me when, during my second term at Chippendale, I tentatively showed him property particulars relating to a disused fish processing plant on the pier at Gairloch, Wester Ross, where I already had a house that I intended moving to after the cabinet making course.

At 414 sq meters it is an intimidating size and I would not have considered buying such a place had it not been available for a song, due to a liquidation sale. It also has the all important 3 phase power supply. Bankers had being trying to recoup their losses on it for 6 years. In the end, with advice similar to Anselm’s from a surveyor friend and the local council’s business start up advisor, they got 10% me and my lawyer had another 2% on top of that; the total would not buy you a new mid range car these days.

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An interview with leading furniture historian David Jones of St Andrews University, who has been delivering keynote lectures on the Life and Times of Thomas Chippendale at the Chippendale International School of Furniture for more than 12 years.

“Students at the Chippendale International School of Furniture learn about different furniture making styles, and how to take the best ideas from the past and adapt them to modern needs. Diversity and practicality are key features of the furniture design course,” says David Jones.

With a focus on Thomas Chippendale, David Jones’ furniture history talks also include a lecture on modern furniture from the 1950’s up to the present day. This takes in ‘experimental modernism’ in Italy (Fornasetti), American furniture makers (Charles and Ray Eames) and concludes with leading contemporary furniture designers like Angus Ross, based in Aberfeldy in Scotland.

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