Anselm Fraser Two

There’s a healthy debate in some woodworking circles on the impact of new technologies on traditional skills. Anselm Fraser, principal of the Chippendale International School of Furniture, offers a teaching perspective. Here at the Chippendale International School of Furniture we’re this year celebrating our 30th birthday. We’re still here because… read more >>

Console Table FRHS

Until I joined the 2014/15 course at the Chippendale International School of Furniture, I had no experience whatsoever in designing or making furniture, writes Fiona Thorburn, one of this year’s students. Given my novice state, I decided to try something simple but elegant: a console table for my house in… read more >>

Anselm Fraser, the Chippendale’s principal, recently gave a talk to students at Ampleforth College, one of the country’s leading public schools. Here’s what he had to say. Ampleforth College is all about providing its students with a first-class education and a compass for life. Both are important; education is invaluable,… read more >>

Making great furniture is about balancing form and function to create something that looks good and works well. Sometimes, also, it’s about giving it character and personality – or, even better, a tangible link to its owner. That’s what a Scottish woodworker has achieved in a commission to make a… read more >>

Fishing a favourite stretch of river is one of the most satisfying of country pursuits – and even better if you happen to own that stretch of river. And now, one talented woodworker is giving fishing enthusiasts the chance to bring that bit of river inside their homes. Fergus McCoss… read more >>


The fictional British spy loves his gadgets, from cyanide cigarettes to Geiger counter wristwatches, and from lipstick gas grenades to exploding alarm clocks. The intricate hand-made table has a discreet mechanism that, at the touch of a button, lowers the top of the table into a secret compartment. The ebony… read more >>