“This is the best way of spending a year of your retirement. I learn something new every day. It’s like being a junior doctor again! You’re surrounded by a group of like-minded people in a collaborative learning environment. It’s inspirational!”

Dr Charlie Clark

The Chippendale International School of Furniture’s course is popular with retired people from many different backgrounds.

Our intensive furniture design, making and restoration course has recently been attended by retired policemen, doctors, bankers and armed forces leavers.

The common theme has been a love of woodworking and a long held desire to develop your skills. This may well be a hobby which you want to nurture, perhaps turning it into a hobby business or even building your own furniture design company.

Download our prospectus for more information, watch the Chippendale School videos or call us on +44 (0) 1620 810680 +(44) 01620 810680 to arrange a visit.

“What’s the difference between orthopedic surgery and fine woodworking? In surgery you need to get it 95% right and healing makes it perfect; in woodwork you need to get it perfect.” (Dr Charlie Clark)

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