“At my time of life I did not have the time to undertake a traditional training in cabinet making. The intensive course at Chippendale taught me what I wanted to know and will allow me to hit the ground running.”

Sandy Boyd

We live in a world of opportunities and shorter careers, and most people change career at least once.

At Chippendale International School of Furniture, we welcome students who use our intensive, practical furniture making course as an opportunity to develop a new career in fine furniture making and woodworking.

Many of our students go on to set up their own furniture making businesses, supported by the commercial skills they learn on the course. Some alumni base themselves in our Chippendale Incubator Workshops next to the School to get their business off the ground, benefiting from our support and facilities.

We limit the student intake on our furniture making courses to a maximum of 22 places each year. This results in a very close knit, supportive community of woodworkers; an ideal environment for those who want to step into a new career.

“A fantastic 9 months that has set up an exciting new career for me. Really enjoyed the course — it’s not perfect, but getting people to the point of starting businesses in 9 months is astounding.” Colin Semple


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