“I’ve seen the castle, I’ve eaten in fantastic restaurants, and the people here are brilliant.”

Christina Aguilera

There are many reasons to study furniture design and making at Chippendale, not least its proximity to Edinburgh, one of the world’s top ten cities.

Scotland’s capital has one the most beautiful, and historic, cityscapes in the world. Edinburgh Castle has dominated the skyline for centuries.

The New Town, built and designed in the 18th century has some of the world’s most elegant city streets.

The Scottish Parliament, which was opened by HM The Queen in 2004, is definitely one of Europe’s most stunning public buildings.

The Scott Monument in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is full of world class museums and galleries, from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to the renowned National Museum of Scotland.

It is a shopper’s delight, from the designer heaven of Harvey Nichols to the more traditional kilt and cashmere shops in the High Street.

And of course, Edinburgh is home to the world famous International Festival and the Fringe, as well as a range of further festivals which celebrate film, literature, jazz and science. Little wonder it is regarded as The World’s Festival City.


“As long as sixteen or seventeen years ago, the first great public recognition and encouragement I ever received was bestowed on me in this generous and magnificent city-in this city so distinguished in literature and the arts…….coming back to Edinburgh is to me like coming home.” Charles Dickens, 1858

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