• Windsor Chair Making
  • Furniture students from all over the world
  • Make friends for life on our furniture courses!
  • The Big Apple
  • Bespoke garden furniture
  • Gilding and framing
  • Individually designed furniture pieces
  • Woodstaining and gilding
  • Unique designs in home furnishings
  • Furniture that provides storage space
  • Quirky and unique furniture designs
  • Functional furniture
  • Furniture courses that inspire creativity
  • Furniture courses that embrace modern design
  • Reflect your personality through our furniture design courses
  • Bespoke furniture made to fit any space
  • Be enabled to combine new and traditional techniques
  • Stunning ideas create stunning pieces!
  • Learn to make bespoke pieces on our cabinet making courses
  • Our furniture courses teach multiple skills, including fused and stained glass techniques
  • Design stunning furniture pieces
  • Our furniture courses honour tradition and embrace modernity
  • Take time to enjoy our 30-week furniture course!
  • Get your design ideas noticed!
  • Love the feel of wood and the joy of working with it
  • Make furniture with a purpose!
  • Sail your way through our full-time furniture design course!
  • At the Chippendale Furniture School, your wild ideas become part of your home
  • Relax!  You too can be a fine furniture maker!
  • Make your designs stand out from the crowd
  • Embrace the beauty of wood and highlight the unique qualities of each piece!
  • Use the natural beauty of wood grains to enhance your pieces
  • Enjoy the possibility of making your woodworking dreams a reality!
  • Add those features that get people noticing - and talking!

Have a look at these images of the amazing pieces of furniture and woodwork created by the Chippendale School students on our full-time furniture making courses and cabinet making courses.

Read about recent students, the furniture they made on the course and what they went on to do.

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Why Choose Chippendale?

Do you want to be a future furniture designer, woodworker or furniture making entrepreneur?

We’ve taken a good look at what’s out there and we genuinely don’t think that you’ll find a furniture school that can compete with us.

And you’ll be pleased to know that, in January 2015, we won the Outstanding Educational Service Category at the 2015 Global Business Excellence Awards.

However, we also think that our students’ feedback is the most important so please see why our students choose our course over alternative furniture school courses…

Why Choose Chippendale?

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