The morning lectures provide the bulk of the formal teaching on the course.

During these sessions, students are introduced to a wide variety of topics. It is
at these sessions that users learn about woodworking techniques.

The morning lecture is divided into two parts; group learning and the daily lecture.

Group Learning

Most mornings start with an open learning session. This may focus on a student’s work for open review. This approach allows students to learn from each other and build confidence in talking about their work as their skills develop.

Alternatively, it might cover an issue on real-life woodworking such as pricing, safety or the realities of running a woodworking business. This session is usually quite informal, encouraging participation and input from students.

Daily Lecture

The group learning session is followed by the daily lecture which is approximately 45 minutes long. The daily lecture reflects the syllabus and focuses on a specific element of woodworking.

This may be delivered by Chippendale tutors, or external tutors and lecturers who are invited to share their specialised knowledge and expertise – from stained glass  and gilding skills to marquetry, boulle work and veneering techniques.

This session is core to our ethos of providing students with a broad understanding of specialised areas of furniture design and business.

Review the syllabus for more information about the range of subjects and skills covered in the course.

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