“The course has the perfect balance of theory and practical woodworking skills. This enables students to produce high-quality pieces from the design stage to final construction in a relatively short period of time.”

Ben, Australia

Are you a future furniture designer, woodworker or furniture making entrepreneur?

The Chippendale International School of Furniture offers a unique opportunity for students who want to make working with wood their future. The furniture course covers in-depth practical work, core woodworking skills, furniture design and furniture restoration – and we currently have one place still available on our full-time, nine-month course.

Students learn rapidly through our unique combination of expert tuition, lectures, collaborating with colleagues, field trips and lots of one-to-one, individual teaching.

Below is a summary of the main components of our furniture course and cabinet making course:

  • An intensive 30-week course
  • Up to 1400 hours bench time
  • One-to-one tuition with highly-experienced tutors
  • Teaches a broad base of skills
  • External tutors
  • Field trips
  • Antique furniture restoration; learn from past masters
  • Collaborative, peer-to-peer learning
  • Individual and original project work and design
  • Learn alongside a functioning cabinet making business

Let our students tell you how they have found our furniture courses; see what makes the Chippendale School different and better, read our stories from recent students and browse student feedback. And don’t forget our School Videos to get a real sense of what it’s all about!

Syllabus Overview – How do we help create the future for our students?

Appreciate and Learn Furniture Design

Our students learn the history of furniture, from Thomas Chippendale through to top contemporary furniture designers. Our experienced tutors develop students’ practical and creative furniture designing skills.

Practical Furniture Making

Each student will develop their woodworking skills by making at least two original pieces during the course.

Learn Furniture Restoration

Through the study of antique restoration students learn the widest range of techniques. This is why our students restore at least three items of antique furniture  during our cabinet making courses, giving them hands-on experience and hands-on knowledge.

Commercial Furniture Making Classes

Business and marketing skills are an integral part of our furniture making course, giving students the confidence to turn their hobby and passion for furniture making into a business. Throughout the course the Principal offers each student one-to-one mentoring on their future career in furniture and we have a public relations and marketing specialist who educates the students about how they can most effectively spread the word about themselves and their work – and thereby win orders.  From business logos and business cards to social media ‘shout-outs’ and website design, our students are made fully aware of all the ways in which they can most effectively market their businesses.  Our students receive lectures from a website design expert and also the Government body, Business Gateway, who provide expert support and guidance to new businesses.

Field Trips

A programme of visits to Scotland’s top museums, workshops and private collections gives students the chance to see great pieces of furniture in context.

Short Courses

If you would like to try your hand at woodworking – or if you would like to give us a try before signing up for a full-time course – why not join us on one of our short, five-day courses which are held four times each year.  Anyone attending one of our short courses and then going on to join the full-time 30-week course will be entitled to a full discount of the short course fees.

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