New to woodworking? Don’t worry!

Applicants to the school are often surprised to learn that experience in woodworking is not an absolute pre-requisite for entry into our full time furniture design and cabinet making course.

Enthusiasm and a passion for furniture making, however, are essential.

Our course caters for a variety of backgrounds, from school leavers (18+) to post graduates, and from mid-career change to retirees, realising a lifetime interest in woodworking, restoration and furniture design.

Woodworking skills

Each of the 25 successful applicants receives one-to-one tuition and around 1400 hours of practical bench-time, so extensive woodworking experience is not essential.

Our experience shows that even the least experienced student quickly acquires the furniture making skills needed to meet the demands of the course.

The most important attributes are enthusiasm and a capacity for hard work. In fact, students who have had little previous exposure to woodworking have sometimes gone on to win our Student of the Year Award!

Financial security

Students must demonstrate a commitment to their future and the course by providing evidence that they have sufficient funds to support themselves during the course, as well as pay the course fees.

International Students

International students are required to have a visa and permission to study in the UK. The Chippendale School of Furniture is on the Tier 4 Register of Sponsors (Licence No 9K4C1UF57), with Highly Trusted status.

Unless you are eligible for an Ancestry Visa, you will be required to obtain a Student Visa under the Points Based System, which will allow you to remain in the UK for the full length of the course plus two months at the end.

English Proficiency

An IELTS level B1 score is adequate for participation in our course. The school can recommend experienced language tutors for one to one tuition or group work.

We find that living and working in an English-speaking environment is a great way to improve language skills. With students from all over the world, communication is central to our success.

The school organises two end of year exhibitions, one in Edinburgh and one at the school,  where students have the opportunity to sell their furniture and some students may recoup a contribution towards the costs of their tuition fees.

For more details about course costs and living expenses see fees and dates.

Request more information through our Enquiry Form or email our friendly and informed staff.

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