“Our core skills give you the practical knowledge to become a successful cabinet maker in your own right”

At our woodworking school you learn a great many techniques during what we call
‘Bench Skills’.

This daily section (for the first two terms) teaches students up to 80 different techniques.
These are assessed internally and form part of the final grade.

How it works

  • In the morning you are given a diagram of the technique
  • The tutor then explains where and when you might come across the technique
  • The tutor then demonstrates the technique, taking students through the practicalities of execution
  • Students then spend up to 3-4 hours practicing the technique

The Cornerstone of our Cabinet Making Courses

This section of our course exposes students to a broad base of skills. By providing this supervised bench-time, we make sure that students have a real understanding of individual techniques – a core element in why this course is so valuable to those serious about woodwork.

Core Skills

Having a good understanding of so many techniques is extremely useful to students in their professional careers. Although only 25% of these techniques may be used on a regular basis, you never know which technique you will be called on to use next.

By teaching students these skills, we are preparing them for a career in woodworking in all its diversity.

Additionally, this focus on supervised bench-time allows students to use tools (particularly hand tools) confidently and correctly.

Although much modern furniture design focuses on using computers and machines,
we believe that it is useful to have a solid foundation in traditional techniques and tools.

Ultimately, many of our students come here to challenge themselves, and it is through these bench skills that they are exposed to the new ideas that allow them to experiment and create that challenge for themselves.

Review the syllabus to understand the range of skills we teach students throughout our cabinet making courses.

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