“Being at the school was unforgettable – a really rich experience – the beautiful location and the diversity of people from different countries and backgrounds. It’s an intensive course and people are very dedicated.”

Alasdair Easton of Organic Geometry, a former Chippendale student

A computer can be a powerful tool in the workshop of any furniture-maker.  Indeed, clever use of technology can help your woodworking career in a huge number of ways.

At the Chippendale School we have an experienced technology practitioner, Alasdair Easton, who came to woodwork from a previous career in computer science, software development and IT management.

Through lectures and workshop demonstrations, Alasdair introduces our students to the potential benefits of computer technology for the professional woodworker.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) offers great benefits and opens up many creative opportunites, but it’s just one of many ways in which computer technology can help the woodworker.  So, as well as providing an introduction to CAD, the course will also touch on broader technology topics including:

  • Tools for rich two-way communication with customers (sharing of ideas, sketches, aesthetic preferences, images etc)
  • The use of simple but powerful spreadsheets, for example the flexible production of quotes; or working out the quantity of timber to order for complex projects
  • Using computer-based tools and facilities to research and record design ideas
  • Websites and social media
  • Online sources of continual education
  • Networking with other woodworkers and creative professionals
  • Sourcing of materials and hardware
  • Drawing and sketching
  • ‘Productivity’ tools which work across many platforms (like your laptop, iPad, smart phone…) and are therefore always there when you need them

Upon graduation, the students will be well-informed about the wealth of opportunities technology offers them and how these can be used to support their woodworking aspirations.


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