“Renting space here has allowed me to remain in close contact with the woodworking community, which has given me a lot of confidence and support in starting up my own business.”

Rebecca, Scotland

Chippendale Incubator Workshops

Graduation needn’t be the end of your association with the Furniture School.

We understand that the start-up period of any business can be challenging.

To provide ongoing support, you can base your new business in the “Chippendale Incubator Workshops” where, for up to two years, graduates can enjoy:

  • workshop space at subsidised rates
  • access to and expert advice from experienced in-house tutors and Anselm Fraser, the School Principal
  • ongoing support from our pr, marketing and business adviser
  • a relaxed, friendly stress-free atmosphere
  • a support network and woodworking community
  • opportunities for collaboration

The Chippendale Incubator Workshops are a concrete reflection of our commitment to helping our students turn their passion for woodworking and furniture making into their future.

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