When creativity and a passion for the guitar come together, the result can be both beautiful and practical.

Andrew Cockerill (24) from York has played guitar for over ten years, and been in several rock bands, playing in local pubs and clubs.

Apart from guitar, his other passion is woodworking, and Andrew is completing a furniture design course at the renowned Chippendale International School of Furniture.

As part of the course, Andrew has designed and crafted a guitar cabinet in oak and sycamore, with an innovative opening mechanism, which is both a functional storage space and a beautiful display cabinet.

“As someone who plays guitar, I’ve always wanted a cabinet that reflects my musical passion, but which would also be a good use of space,” says Andrew, whose favourite guitar is his Fender Telecaster.

With nothing to fill that gap in the market, Andrew has set up Northern Woodwright Furniture, based in East Lothian, to make bespoke hand-crafted cabinets for other like-minded guitar enthusiasts.

“I’d be delighted to hand-make guitar cabinets for anyone who wants to show off, as well as store, their guitar.  There’s nothing like them on the market, and I can make each cabinet to particular specifications – making them both bespoke and unique,” says Andrew.